Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mamaleh knows best.

This it's a great book for anyone who is a parent. There is some good information for parents of all kinds. I say anyone who is a reader needs to read this book. I would have never picked this book but I'm glad i did in the end. A really good read.

Fyi this is a blogging for books book.

Mamaleh knows best

This is book that talks about being a mother. The different thing about this book and other boss is, this book it's about Jewish mothers and how they raise there children. Now I have seen many parenting tips. This one on the other hand has some Very valuable tips for everyone. I would say. Every reader who is a parent needs to read this book.

Fyi this is a blogging for books book.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ghosts in books

The book Ghosts of our past by Erin Gilbert,Abby L. Yates, and Andrew Shaffer
Is a wonderful book if you l like anything about the paranormal. It starts out telling about two different girls and there separate stories. Then goes on tip tell about how They became friends. As you get more into the book it gets into the science behind the paranormal. Towards the end of the book it has information o.k. ghost hunting and equipment used.

This is a great read for anyone. I was drawn right into the book and found the information fascinating. I how anyone else who reads this finds it just As good. Happy reading everyone

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nothing to Read

Hello everyone,

   Ever had that moment where you don't know what to read?
   I have that issue now. I don't know what to read or do. I was reading everyday now I'm reading the back of a pack noodles. That is sad even for me.
Any ideas anyone? Some one please help.

Thank you!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

History story

So first of all let me say I got this book through blogging for books. Now that being said on to the review.

Chronicle of a last summer as a whole was a good book. It had history and a good story. For me it was a hard read to get through. Some off the words I did not know what they were. I spent some time Looking things up to better understand the story.

If you all like history and like tales of life this it's the book for you. Its a book that will get you thinking. Good luck on the book hunt mommy readers

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Best Mystery

Ok so the book I'm talking about was a book first then a movie.

one for the money by: Stephanie Plum is a great book that was recommended to me by my sister in law.

It is a mystery/love story that shows women can do anything they put there mind two.

The love parts are not a big player in this one but it's a multiple book read. I'm currently on the second one.

I say get the book and read it. I have never seen the movie they did from the book. I have heard that the book is better. Would love to know if it is our not.

Enjoy reading even if it's reading to the children. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

First one everyone

OK so if you have children i can take a bet that you have seen Disney's Descendants. And if not you really should.

This book Return to the Isle off the Lost picks up right after the movie. Now having watched the movie over 10 times(a little girl at home loves it) I finally decided to read it.

This is one book I could read in a short sitting. I could also enjoy reading it to kids. I found This it's a good book for the whole family. Its very well written and keeps the reader engaged.

Enjoy reading everyone and remember read what makes you happy.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Books

Hello everyone! What mom out there wishes they had more time. I love the times i get to sit down and read a new book. Online, one I own, or a borrowed book. I just love to read. My goal is to show new and even books you may have heard about a place in moms book shelves. Enjoy everyone.